Native Calgary hardwoods available for flooring production

What hardwood flooring species are native to Calgary?

Choosing great wood floors is a fantastic process that leads you to find out as much as possible about the materials that might best serve your requirements. Today, we will discuss wood species that are native to Calgary that you might want to consider for your solid or engineered wood flooring.

Your wood floors could be local

White birch is expected in the Alberta area, primarily through the Boreal Forest and the other regions. It is easy to recognize, smooth, whitebark, and is often most noted for its heat resistance and beauty.

Green ash is fast-growing and highly hardy under environmental stressors, but it could be hard to acquire as its numbers decline. It offers hard, durable flooring that gives the same ash characteristics you might expect, including hardness and durability.

One of the best hardwoods available for flooring is oak, and it is one of the native Calgary species. It is an excellent choice for flooring because it offers general durability that works well in busy households, especially those with pets and children, so contact us to find out more about your local Calgary hardwoods.

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