Hardwood refinishing


Westvalley Carpet & Flooring specializes in refinishing hardwood floors

Today's hardwood floors provide outstanding beauty, will last a lifetime and justify your investment by increasing your home's market value.

Hardwood floors represent the most exciting upgrades in any home remodeling project. They deliver outstanding beauty and deliver a feeling of warmth and class that no other flooring option can match. Perhaps equally important, hardwood floors will last your family for decades. They are also an excellent choice for family members afflicted with allergies or sensitivities to dust since they will not collect solid particles of any size, are natural and easy to clean.

The most amazing thing about hardwood is their longevity. Even when they may look tattered, a flooring professional at Westvalley Carpet and Flooring can restore your floor's original grandeur with the latest techniques in hardwood refinishing.

There are several things you should consider before installing a new hardwood floor

These include where will it be used; and how much traffic will the new floor be subjected to? If the floor will bear the brunt of high foot traffic, active kids, and pets, frequent furniture movement, you may want to order hardwood flooring that has heavier wood. There are four types of hardwood to choose from and Westvalley Carpet & Flooring carries a large number of samples for each.

These include:
  • Unfinished or pre-finished ¾" solid hardwood
  • Unfinished or pre-finished engineered hardwood
  • Pre-finished long strip wood planks
  • Pre-finished parquet tiles

There are many things you should know in order to properly choose the perfect hardwood flooring for your home. Our professionals are always on hand to answer your questions and help you select the correct hardwood products for your remodeling project. If you'd like to know more, phone us, e-mail us or drop by our showroom in Calgary AB at your convenience to discuss your hardwood flooring needs with one of our flooring specialists.



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