Luxury vinyl flooring: An easy installation

Luxury vinyl flooring: An easy installation

Once you choose the perfect luxury vinyl tile or plank, you'll prepare to plan for installation and the steps that go with it. A professional installation is crucial for various reasons, bringing you peace of mind that lasts as long as your flooring.

One thing you should know about this installation process is that it?s quick and easy. You can walk on these floors the same day they?re installed, and you?ll want to know all about it.

An installation that saves time and money

Luxury vinyl offers more than one installation method, and one of them may be your best LVT flooring choice. But no matter your choice, the simple process can save you time and money.

With a quick installation, you could walk on your floors the same day they're installed. And the faster installation process sometimes saves money on the installation price.

As you learn more about the installation process, you?ll hear about methods like floating floors, glue-down, and loose-lay vinyl. One of these options will work perfectly for you, so learn more about them today.

The extended benefits of professional installation

There are many reasons to fall in love with professional LVP flooring installation, including professional insight and advice. In addition, we'll measure to ensure you only pay for the exact amount of flooring installed, and we can answer any questions about the subfloor condition.

Visit us to start your remodel

Westvalley Carpet & Flooring is a great place to start remodeling and floor shopping. Our inventory boasts an extensive line of luxury vinyl plank and tile, and we add services to each one to make it fit your needs.

You can find your luxury vinyl flooring and installation services at our showrooms in Calgary, AB, and Westvalley. We serve South Calgary, North Calgary, and Greater Calgary, and we?d love to help you find your perfect flooring and fastest installation, so visit us today.