Lord of the Floorings

Renovating or remodeling a portion of your home requires a patient hand. The planning that can go into the final design can be meticulous to say the least. When the room is complete the walls, trim, and window treatments must all blend together to create a sensory experience that is unique to the designer. The designer will often pick elements that don?t quite seem to fit the room, and they need to button up the loose ends. They will make changes to the design elements they already planned for when there is a simple solution to the issue. Have your flooring tie the elements together.

Flooring for your Calgary home is the one design element that most people don?t notice, but is the one that usually has the greatest impact on the room. If the rest of the design elements match perfectly, but the flooring isn?t appropriate for the room, then the room will never convey the harmonious flow we all want our rooms to achieve. Flooring for your Calgary home can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish it to be. Manufacturers have designed a multitude of colors and patterns into their product lines to give the consumer better choices for design. It would certainly be advantageous to use one of the manufacturer?s designs as it is created, but they have made the designs in such a way as to allow the customer to mix and match the flooring designs to create custom floors.

Custom flooring in your Calgary home can not only mix design styles, but it can also mix materials to create a one of a kind floor that you can be proud of. Imagine a Cherrywood floor with a granite inlay in the middle and at each corner of the room. That would certainly be something to behold. At West Valley Carpet & Flooring, we have the flooring you need for your Calgary home and the expert staff on hand to help you choose the flooring that fits your personal style while keeping within your fiscal parameters. So come see us at our Calgary (AB) Canada showroom and let us help you bring your design to life.