Laying the Foundation

Congratulations on your home improvement project finally coming to fruition. You have planned out all of the design elements of the room, and bought most of the materials necessary to complete the renovation. Although not everything is perfect, you have given yourself a beautiful foundation on which to paint the portrait of the room. Or Have you? Flooring in a Calgary home is usually the least planned design element. We take for granted that flooring will be there, but mostly don?t use it to its fullest potential.

Flooring in your Calgary home should be the literal foundation of any room?s design. Flooring ties the walls, trim, window treatments and furnishing together without overpowering the feeling of the room. Flooring in your Calgary home can make as bold, or as subtle a statement, as you wish it to make. With new color pallets that encompass a far greater range of hues than ever before, the consumer has only to imagine what they want and they can find it almost every time.

Materials have also undergone an evolution over the years. Linoleum, which was once just a roll out and glue down product, has developed into luxury vinyl tile and plank. 3D Printing and digital imaging technology has allowed LVT to take on the textures and looks of wood or natural stone, while remaining affordable and durable. Carpet has grown from natural fibers and Astroturf, to a myriad of artificial fibers that resist stains and color fading from sunlight. Nevertheless, it maintains a soft feel for residential use, and a durable surface for commercial applications.

At Westvalley Carpet & Flooring we have all of the flooring your Calgary home needs to make your design dreams reality. Our courteous staff will help guide you to the flooring that will make your project come to life, while still making your wallet happy. We also have professional installers of all types on call to make sure your flooring is set in place with a craftsman?s touch. So come see us at our Calgary (AB) Canada showroom, and let us help develop the foundation for your home improvement project.