Calgary Residents Told to Be Wary of Scammers

Every year it seems that scammers come up with new ways to cheat people out of their money. In many cases, it is our seniors who are taking the worst of it. This seems to be case again as the Alberta Securities Commission has recently issued another warning. We saw in a recent article:

?As Calgary recognizes seniors' week, the Alberta Securities Commission has released 10 tips to help the elderly to protect themselves from investment fraud. Seniors are specifically targeted because scam artists know seniors are often home, are more likely to pick up the phone, and will be concerned about being rude and saying no.?

Source: Scammers" class="redactor-linkify-object"> with 'magic tongues' prey on seniors in investment fraud, says advocate by staff writers.

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It is also true that some flooring stores in the past were less than honest in their business dealings. They might, for instance, add on costs after the sale, or they might try to increase the price of installation once they had taken up the old flooring. These unfair practices still occur from time to time, but they never occur for our customers.

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While there may be some people out there who will cheat others in order to make a few dollars, we are not in that group and never will be. Our reputation for superior customer service is something that we are very proud of, and we will not jeopardize it for any reason. We treat all of our customers with respect, and we offer the flooring Calgary wants in terms of quality and price.

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