Calgary Home to Very Special Tropical Paradise

Calgary (AB), Canada has a lot to offer those who live and visit the area. But not everything of interest is listed on the local tour guide brochures. In fact, some of the most interesting locations and sights are not listed at all, at least for now. Such is the case with a local home that is houses some of the most wonderful tropical plants in the entire area. From its overhead atrium to its unique flooring, Calgary residents can be proud of this very special place.

The Calgary Herald brought this home to light in a recent story:

?When Gail Anderson moved from an apartment to a nearby home four decades ago, she didn?t know what type of plants would thrive in her new abode. So, she called the Calgary Zoo, told them about her large indoor atrium and sought advice from the organization?s botanical garden experts.

Today, the mature greenery in Anderson?s tropical garden serves as an urban sanctuary and provides an unusual juxtaposition during Calgary?s dark winter months.?

Source: A" class="redactor-linkify-object"> committee approves historic designation for cool 1975 Calgary home; now council decides by Christina Ryan / Calgary Herald.

This peculiar home is atop Upper Mount Royal, and it has more to offer than the splendid atrium and the tropical flora that thrives there. The entire home goes to show what property owners can do with just a little creativity and imagination.

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