Calgary Gets New Leader for Home Builders' Association

At Westvalley Carpet & Flooring, we try to keep an eye on local real estate issues because those issues often affect our customers. These issues can cover anything from interest rates to buying new flooring. Calgary homeowners, and those who want to buy a home, need information these days, and that is why we post these articles.

In a recent story, we saw some news that might be of interest to those who are planning to have a new home built. It read, in part:

?There?s a new leader for an organization representing the Calgary area residential development and home building industry. Allan Klassen, who has worked in the home building business for 25 years, has been named the first chair of the Canadian Home Builders? Association-Urban Development Institute Calgary Region Association. His day job is senior vice-president, housing, Brookfield Residential Alberta.?

Source: <a href="">Calgary's housing development future depends on aligning city, industry priorities</a> by Don Molyneaux.

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