Wide plank hardwood flooring in Calgary

Wide plank hardwood flooring in Calgary

When you need impressive wood floors in Calgary, it's worth your time to consider how wide plank flooring can help. These options offer outstanding visual appeal and benefits that will serve you well over time.
If you've never experienced wide plank hardwood flooring, this is a perfect time to learn about its benefits. Here are some facts to help you choose the flooring that could meet your every need and preference.

Benefits of wide plank hardwood floors

Wide-plank products are highly sought-after for their stunning visual appeal and the ability to make small spaces look a bit larger. They're available at our hardwood flooring store for the best results in various styles, species, grain patterns, and widths.
The wider surface area of these products offers more space to let natural grain patterns shine. The same species can look much different, with a plank with more surface area than a narrow one.
Another benefit that makes these choices better for some homeowners is a faster flooring installation. Since the pieces have more surface area, the installation progresses more quickly and uses fewer nails, staples, or adhesives, which translates into budget savings.
If you want to keep your trends current, wide hardwood flooring in Calgary is a great choice. It?s a look that blends well with extensive d?cor schemes and furnishings, so start shopping for yours today.

Hardwood floors make sense

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