Sanitary carpet after an illness, an essential recommendation from Westvalley Carpet & Flooring

Why it?s a smart move to clean carpeting after an illness

Flu season is still on, and it's certainly been a brutal one thus far. You're better safe than sorry when it comes to deep cleaning your upholstery, linens, clothing, and also your soft surfacing. Reduce the transmission of bacteria and germs during this time with not only regular upkeep but also professional steam cleaning. Let's review a few reasons why it's a smart move to sanitize your indoor environment after an illness.

Sterilizing your home after the flu

While you take the time to heal from health issues such a stomach virus, a bad cold or the flu, don't forget the clean-up process is equally essential as drinking enough fluids and taking your medication. What many homeowners don't realize is that your carpet flooring Calgary is the perfect breeding ground for the very same germs that made you sick. And, unfortunately, these airborne germs lurk in various places inside your home ? until you remove them. To remove dangerous, contagious bacteria from soft surfacing, get your carpet flooring in Calgary expertly sanitized. In many cases, these same teams can also steam clean your upholstery and other fabrics.

Steam cleaning ? a powerful cleaning method

Depending on what company you use, typically they will arrive with steam-cleaning equipment that uses a hot water extraction method. It?s the ideal process to thoroughly sterilize upholstery and carpet flooring in Calgary. Combined with a specialized, powerful cleaning agent, the hot water uses a high degree of pressure to extract grime, soil, dust mites, viruses, bacteria, and dirt.

Don't forget to clean other items in the home

Aside from enlisting professional cleaning services for your soft surfacing, you may also want to consider deep cleaning for:

  • Clothing worn while ill
  • Bathroom towels
  • Hard surfaces that were frequently touched, such as television remotes, phones, and light switches
  • Bedroom linens, including mattress pads, blankets, and comforters
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