Vinyl plank flooring in Calgary

Where can I install vinyl plank flooring?

Durable, long-lasting, stylish ? these are just a few reasons why luxury vinyl flooring in Calgary has quickly become a big hit. In fact, many homeowners come to our Westvalley Carpet & Flooring showroom in Calgary, AB to find out more about this versatile, easy-to-clean modern material. If you?re about to undergo a home makeover but you?re not sure if vinyl plank flooring would work for your particular space, then continue reading to find out more about it!

The bathroom

One popular place to install vinyl plank flooring is in the bathroom. Mostly, this is because this type of surfacing is famously water-resistant ? or waterproof, depending on which slats you choose. With an antimicrobial and antifungal finish, vinyl plank flooring is perfect in spaces that see a lot of bare feet. What?s more, design-wise, you?ll fall in love with these planks quickly no doubt. Manufactured in a wide array of lookalike options, you can get these slats in nearly any style, such as ceramic or even hardwood.

The kitchen

Active kitchens need a truly high-quality material that can handle spilled food and liquid mishaps. In this such environment, luxury vinyl flooring excels beyond comparison. Extremely durable, it can also easily manage dropped and dragged objects, not to mention sunlight. Long-lasting, with a shockingly affordable price tag, your budget will likely perk up at the prospect of getting something that looks just like wood ? without the big price, of course. Additionally, vinyl plank flooring comes in a vast assortment of colors, patterns, and grains. As such, you?ll have no problem finding planks that have the right personality for your home.

The bedroom

Did we mention vinyl plank flooring is easy-to-install yet? Well, it is, which means you won?t have to wait so long to enjoy them! No longer deemed just for kitchens and bathrooms, you can take advantage of its somewhat soft underfoot feel in your very own bedroom. Relatively long-lasting and nearly indistinguishable from authentic stone, ceramic, or wood, these planks will indeed make an excellent choice if you want a stylish, easy-maintenance bedroom.

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