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What's trending for carpet flooring in Calgary?

If you're looking for flooring in Calgary, the right trend can change everything. Floor trends give you attractive options that keep you current and looking great.

There's a perfect choice for your specific decor and interior design. You'll appreciate the available variety, so take time to find out more at your convenience.

Carpet flooring visual trends

flooring in Calgary has some noteworthy trends that could look great in your home. Bold colors are a trend that offers impressive results for many decor options.

You'll also find neutral trends are popular right now as well. Take time to consider how blues and grays might serve your existing decor or intended style.

Pattern options for exciting carpets

Visual trends can also include unique patterns for those who need something different. For example, consider geometric, floral, or animal patterns that create focal points.

Patterns can feel like a risk but can create a beautiful environment. When you visit our flooring store, ask about how these might affect your space.

Trending carpet textures

While looking for flooring in Calgary at Westvalley Carpet & Flooring, you'll see many available textures. Trending options include plush and Frieze options that offer good looks and comfort.

But a ribbed carpet could be an excellent choice for busier spaces. Be sure to ask about many other trends that could serve your household best.

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