Carpet runners in a North Calgary, AB home

What are carpet runners?

Carpet is an excellent choice for many Calgary homes, especially if comfort is a primary requirement. If you have a staircase in your home, you?ll also need to consider incorporating this flooring on those steps.

Homeowners often opt for carpet runners as an excellent way to showcase your stairs, especially if they are hardwood. Let's find out more about what that can mean for you.

Carpet runners are perfect for stairs

Your hardwood staircase will significantly benefit from the addition of these runners for both appearance and safety. It?s a great way to create slip resistance while never forcing you to sacrifice stunning appearances.

The runner will cover most of the stair surface, but the hardwood beneath will still be showing on either side. To maintain the elegant and timeless appearance, the carpeting piece will be bound on each side to provide a stunning finish.

To add years to your runner?s lifespan, consider a high-quality underpadding. You?ll find this adds comfort in addition to protecting your carpet against wear in these highly traveled spaces.

To add continuity throughout your home, you can also utilize carpet runners in hallways, narrow bedrooms, or the kitchen or bathroom, directly in front of the sink. The benefits continue in the areas, each specific to its location, for outstanding performance, appearance, and lifespan.

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