Laminate flooring from Westvalley Carpet & Flooring

Warm-up your Calgary home with laminate flooring

It might seem a little odd to talk about this now when, for many, spring is just around the corner.?

In Calgary, however, winters are long and freezing, with March being the snowiest month. April comes in second.

is considered one of the warmest floors, Calgary. Just the appearance alone can warm up a room; it mimics various materials and wood is one of them.?

Wood, as you know, gives any room a feeling of warmth and coziness.

The underlayment makes a shield

Many come with a pre-attached underlayment to cushion, level the floor and act as a moisture barrier.? There?s no need to include an additional one if there is already an existing cushion, but it is
strongly suggested that you get one if it does not.

You might want to detach it, and then buy your own.

Laminate is one of those flooring materials that can feel warm or chilly, depending on what it?s placed over. Therefore, it should not be placed directly on a subfloor, especially if it?s concrete.? What you want is a below-surface underlayment that sits a little above the subfloor, but below the surface floor. They?re usually made of insulating material like foam or rubber. Ask your retailer about this product.

Sensational style

If you?re not already familiar with this flooring material, get to know it fast.? Laminate is an amazingly realistic mimic of genuine wood, stone or tile. Walk into a store and see a large assortment of colors, patterns, species, and designs.? Embossing gives more depth and dimension and they?re available in matte and gloss finishes.

For additional realism, get it cut into planks or tile-sizes; some people even use grout with the tile.

Other reasons to want laminate:

  • Affordability--at a high-end look.? You won?t pay close to the price you would for natural materials, but we?re seeing it in some pretty sophisticated homes.
  • Easy to clean.? All you need is a mop and a broom.
  • Simple installation.? This is even DIY-friendly.? With a few exceptions, it can be placed over existing subfloors, and the pieces just click together.
  • Durable.? It?s a layered product, with the top sheet being clear and coated with aluminum oxide, an ultra-strong material.? It keeps it scruff and scratch-free, as well as stain-resistant.

For more information, come into the Westvalley showroom.? Our primary location is in Calgary AB Canada, and we have two others nearby. Ask about our estimates.