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Tile flooring in Calgary: Does it need grout?

When considering tile flooring for your home in Calgary, make sure you speak with an expert. At Westvalley Carpet & Flooring we are here to help provide you with the best tile shopping experience and answer all your questions. One of the most common questions is, "Can we install tile flooring without grout?" The answer is no. Make sure you consider these facts.

Grout is necessary

For various reasons, grout is necessary for any tile flooring installation. It ensures a nice, finished appearance, and it works to provide excellent performance.

If tile flooring is installed without grout, even the slightest movement could cause the tiles to rub against one another. The result is chipping and cracking that could lead to more extensive damage over time.

Selecting the perfect grout

Grouting is a necessary part of the installation process. To get the best fit for your home, ask us about the different grouting options available when selecting your tile floors. We offer a variety of colored grout options.

Once you find the perfect tile floors for your home, we provide every client with detailed information about the product. If you have questions, our tile store has the answers, give us a call today!

Your tile flooring experts

At Westvalley Carpet & Flooring, we offer an outstanding selection of materials that cater to your tile flooring needs. We have an incredible inventory of products and experienced associates to help your vision come to life.

When ready for the best tile flooring in Calgary, you can visit our showrooms in North Calgary, South Calgary, AB, or Westvalley Central (Calgary, AB). We proudly serve the Greater Calgary and Alberta areas and invite you to visit us for your next tile flooring project.