Shag rugs: sizzle, glam, comfort, warmth

Shag rugs: sizzle, glam, comfort, warmth

They?re crazy, fun and quirky. Popular in the 1970s and 1980s, shag rugs are enjoying a big comeback, most likely because of an expanded color palette. Today, you can get them in all kinds of fun hues, such as blue, purple, green, or even multi-colored ones. They can add some glam to a rather drab area.

With its deep, bushy, high pile, these rugs really warm up the feeling of a room, and that?s especially important in a place like Calgary, where it can get pretty cold. It?s also comfy, another benefit when you?re selecting flooring in Calgary.

What is a shag rug?
Shag rugs have a unique look that can really stand out. The shag pile is about an inch high. Available in many colors, such as blue, green, orange, red, as well as the neutrals, they come in various shapes and materials. The shag is soft, glamorous, and can suit many decors such as contemporary and modern.

Types of shag carpet rugs
Now the fun really begins! You have these constructions and styles:

Flokati, which looks like a fluffy sheepdog; in fact, in Greece, where they?re manufactured, they?re often called ?sheepdog rugs.? They're 100% wool and usually come in white or beige, but you can have them dyed a vibrant color.

Wool. This has two constructions: The ?noodle,? where the fibers, as the name implies, are twisted into a noodle-like appearance. The ?shaggy,? (as in shaggy dog) construction keeps the fibers thinner and closer than the noodle rug, making it easier to clean.

Synthetic rugs. They don?t last as long as wool, but they are easier to clean.
Leather. Certainly unique and striking, but these can be easily damaged so it?s best for low traffic areas.

Any high pile, especially the shag pile, is softer than a low pile. That makes them a great choice for bedrooms; what?s better first thing in the morning than touching down on something cushiony? Because they make a room feel so warm, restful, and comfortable, they?re also great for nurseries and dens.

In the living room, you can really make a design statement by placing a colorful, big round rug in the middle of the floor, hence, creating a focal point.

Like big, beautiful, long-haired dogs, these rugs do require a little extra care. For one, the long fibers get caught in vacuum beater bars, so be sure to turn them off first. Professional cleaning is a must, but it?s also best if you keep them vacuumed regularly, so dirt and other particles don?t get trapped.

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