Clean hardwood flooring in a Calgary master bedroom

Maintaining your Calgary home?s hardwood floors

It pays to be proactive when you have hardwood floors?in your home. Spending a few minutes a day cleaning the floor goes a long way in keeping its surface grime and scratch-free. The use of indoor and outdoor mats keeps the daily chore simple. Don't forget to keep boots and wet shoes off the floor to avoid puddle cleanup and possible water damage. Westvalley Carpet & Flooring is a hardwood store in Calgary that carries hardwood cleaning products. We have a showroom in North Calgary, South Calgary, and Westvalley Central, and we have a mobile showroom.

Hardwood floor cleaning

Since dirt and debris can scratch hardwood, the floor should be swept with a soft bristle broom once a day. It's good to do a periodic deep cleaning with a damp microfiber mop. Wring the mop out well before using. Then rinse in a clean bucket, and wipe the floor again to remove soap. Clean a small spot at a time to minimize standing water that can cause water damage. A vinegar solution made up of vinegar, soap, and water is an alternative to a commercial wood cleaner.

Buffing and refinishing wood floors

Sometimes it takes more than cleaning to rejuvenate a hardwood floor. Surface damage like light scratching or a worn sealant layer can be corrected by buffing the floor and recoating it. If a few boards are damaged, you can have them replaced. If the damage is extensive, the floor needs to be sanded down, stained and sealed. Both solid hardwood and engineered wood flooring can be refinished. Usually, manmade flooring can only be sanded down once or twice.

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