Pet-friendly vinyl plank flooring in a Calgary, AB home

Is vinyl plank flooring pet-friendly?

When you have pets in the home, you?ll need flooring that offers benefits created for just such a situation. Luxury vinyl plank is an excellent choice because it embodies so many of these necessities, all in a single floor covering for your convenience and advantage.

Vinyl plank flooring was created for unique situations

As any homeowner who has experience with vinyl plank flooring can tell you, these materials offer many characteristics and benefits that will serve you well down through the years. One of the most important, especially in homes with pets, is the option for complete waterproof protection.

Core components, including wood plastic composite and stone plastic composite, help alleviate the worry that you'll take on water damage if your pets have accidents or splash their water bowl onto the floor. Instead, it protects against buckling, warping, or cracking, leaving you with great-looking and great-smelling floors.

You also get a wear layer you can customize by choosing different thicknesses, based on your need, which protects you from scratches, scuffs, and excessive wear prematurely. You?ll be left with floors that look like new longer, even if you don?t trim your pet?s nails for a while.

Choosing the perfect vinyl plank flooring right here

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