Modern gray carpeting in a Calgary, AB home

How to shop for carpet in Calgary

When shopping for flooring in Calgary, know that Westvalley Carpet & Flooring has it all.

Our company serves the greater Calgary area with three locations, a full inventory and services ranging from interior design consultations to installation and refinishing. We also offer free in-home estimates.

Here are some of our tips for shopping like a pro.

Shop local, not big box

A local store has a greater inventory because a corporate-owned entity carries only the best-selling products. If you want to do something a little unique, chances are you will find it here and, if not, we?ll order it.

Also, when you shop, for Calgary, AB flooring, you want knowledge and great customer service. The big boxes are popular after-school and summer jobs; if you have a question, chances are you won?t get the answer.

It?s a big myth that bigger stores have better prices. They are under corporate control. Local stores have access to many vendors and we?re free to discount whenever we want.

A little knowledge goes a long way

You don?t need to be an expert, but there is some basic information to know. When you walk into a carpet store, it helps to?be familiar with the following.

Pile refers to the rug?s fabric loops and that, in turn, results in style. A high pile rug has long, loose fibers, such as the Shag and Frieze. Low pile rugs are any cut and loop style, or a Berber style. Saxony is a medium pile.

Density means how closely the fibers are tufted together and that is what determines quality, not weight; in fact, some lighter surfaces can be of very good quality. Bend back a sample card to determine if there's a lot of white space. Twist, which also determines quality, but only in cut piles. It refers to the number of times fiber is twisted per inch. The higher the twist number, the better the durability.

There are both natural and synthetic fibers. They are all good, but your choice will depend upon your budget and needs. The five most common fibers are wool, nylon, polyester, olefin, and Triexta. Your flooring pro can discuss the pros and cons of each.

For more information on carpet or any of our other products, visit the Westvalley Carpet & Flooring showroom in North, South, and Central Calgary, serving the Greater Calgary, Alberta area. Ask about our estimates.