Herringbone flooring installation in a Calgary, AB kitchen

How long should you wait to walk on new floors?

The length of time you have to wait to walk on your Calgary home?s newly installed flooring differs, depending on the material installed. Each flooring installation is different, and you?ll find out more about that as you read along with today?s post.

Your flooring installation and more depends on the material you choose

When you choose your floor covering, we can give you all the specifics on the installation and how long it will take before you can walk on your new flooring. For instance, installing porcelain tile, hardwood, or engineered wood takes longer to walk on than laminate or luxury vinyl products.

Installing tile takes longer and is done in increments, with placement, grouting, and finishing all have to happen at specific times. The same is true for hardwood, as pieces are installed, sanded, sealed, stained, and finished, all at different times.

Carpet installation takes time, with specific measurements, seam connection, stretching, and more, but you walk on these products as soon as the service is complete. We can tell you more about the installation details for any product we offer, so be sure to shop from home to find out more about it.

Please take advantage of our Calgary flooring company today

When you use a Calgary flooring company like Westvalley Carpet & Flooring, you?ll find that we care just as much about your floors as you do. We put all our experience and resources toward your superb results, no matter how large or small the remodel.

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