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How do I prevent my hardwood flooring in Calgary from fading over time?

If you've recently purchased hardwood flooring in Calgary or are considering it for an upcoming renovation project, then you may want to start thinking about how to extend the life of your installation by protecting it from fading. While solid wood is no doubt an extremely durable, hard-wearing material, it is, of course, an all-natural product and can thus experience discoloration from too much exposure to sunlight over the years. Let's go over the two main reasons to prevent this from happening to your beautiful floors.

Prevent wood fading with these two simple suggestions

Above all else, it?s essential to understand what can cause the fading:

  • Excessive exposure to daylight.
  • The chosen stain or finish applied.
Suggestion #1 ? Minimize exposure to natural light.

Firstly, the main priority is to reduce the natural light in your space, thus limiting exposure to the main source of the problem. To protect your floors, cover your windows and limit the light with shutters, drapes or blinds. Other options would be to use UV window film or install low emissivity glass windows ? though the latter can be quite costly.

Aside from changing the state of your windows, you can also regularly shift around rugs and furniture to scatter the sunlight, which slows the fading process considerably. Plus, it can fun to change your room up every few months!

Suggestion #2 ? Select the ideal stain or finish.

Secondly, let?s clarify the differences between oil-based and water-based finishes, so we can understand what role they play in fading or color changes.

Oil-based finishes:
Some people love the way oil-based finishes bring out the rich, elegant tones in an installation. However, over time, the wood takes on a slightly amber appearance.

Water-based finishes:
On the other hand, if you?d like to minimize all likelihood of color changes to maintain the original tone, then water-based finishes may be your best choice. Essentially, it provides a transparent stain, which lessens the likelihood of long-term fading.

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