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Four interesting facts about tile flooring in Calgary

Tile flooring is an excellent choice for every room in your home, with benefits complementing each one. Take this time to consider if you've never experienced these floors in your home.

Every space has outstanding benefits, from bedrooms to bathrooms, and extended characteristics that add even more. Here are four interesting facts that we think you should know as you start to shop.

1. Tile is one of the oldest flooring materials

Porcelain and ceramic tile have been used in various settings for thousands of years. The fact that it's still available in our tile store in Calgary shows that it has something relevant and helpful to add to any room.

2. Some tiles are dense enough for outdoor use

Ask which products are dense enough for outdoor installation if you need outdoor tile flooring. Some can even withstand freezing conditions without taking on damage.

3. Tile is easier to clean than you think

In most cases, a broom and damp mop are all needed to keep these floors clean and beautiful. Be sure to use manufacturer-recommended cleaning solutions and tools.

4. Tile offers an extensive lifespan

Our tile flooring store offers many durability benefits of tile that last well over 50 years. Some products can even last up to 100 years or more with professional installation.

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