Finding recyclable vinyl flooring for your Calgary home

Finding recyclable vinyl flooring for your Calgary home

If you?re shopping for new flooring, you, like many other homeowners in the area, might be wondering: is vinyl flooring is recyclable? The good news is that there are many floor coverings in this line that are, and we?ll talk more about that now.

The best choice for floor covering materials if you?re planning to recycle from the start is eco-friendly vinyl. However, other materials can also be recycled if you know where to take the products.

Recyclable flooring in Calgary

More and more homeowners are placing great emphasis on flooring that can be recycled, to help divert these materials away from our already suffering landfills. Often, specialized recycling companies are necessary, especially if the materials were manufactured in more than ten years ago.

Floors that are not inherently ?green? building materials often require more work to be considered recyclable. For instance, the actual vinyl must be separated from other materials in the flooring, such as PVC, heat stabilizers, colorants, and more.

Frequently, you can take advantage of programs that offer to buy back old flooring or special times for recycling. And of course, you can always plan for recycling from the very beginning, purchasing only floor coverings that fall into the environmentally friendly category.

Since older vinyl flooring and other floors made with a lot of PVC are harder to recycle, new companies are attempting to find ways to recycle more of these materials, so they don?t wind up in landfills. A few companies have created trials so that vinyl flooring is being converted into products such as road cones and barriers.

For more information about recyclable vinyl flooring or how to pick the most recyclable materials for your home, be sure to give us a call. We?ll help you choose the flooring you want and need.

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