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Durable flooring options for Calgary homes

When you need durable floors in Calgary, we know you'll have many questions. The good news is there's a perfect floor covering for you, no matter the need.

Daily wear can grate on any flooring surface, but some hold up better than others. And the more you know about your options, the better your results will be.

What are some durable flooring options?

1. Carpeting
These floors offer options that cater to pet owners. In addition, you'll find stain and odor protection that gives excellent results for up to 20 years.

2. Luxury vinyl
Luxury vinyl products
are some of the best flooring in Calgary, with excellent durability. You'll see fewer stains, scratches, and dents over time.

3. Porcelain and ceramic tile
These hard, dense pieces are exceptional under heavy traffic. Be sure to ask about ratings for your specific needs.

4. Hardwood flooring
You have both solid and engineered options with exceptional durability. Take time to find out more about species especially.

5. Laminate
Many homeowners overlook the durability found in laminate. But modern advancements have brought this surface a long way.

Choose according to your needs

Some homeowners need more protection from their flooring in Calgary. Unfortunately, that means that what works for you might not work for another.

Choose durable floors that cater to your needs, no matter how large or small your project. Those will be the best results and could last for decades.

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