Carpet installation in a Calgary, AB home

Choosing carpet textures: plush, Saxony, cut-pile

Among the many options that come with choosing the perfect carpet, the texture is one we get lots of questions about. Today, we will share some information about three specific texture types, so read along to find more about them.

Plush carpet

Plush offers one of the softest, most luxurious experiences, with a flat, plush tile that is smooth and exceptionally soft to the touch. It?s durable, available in extensive visual options, and a perfect addition to bedrooms and living rooms.

Saxony carpet

Known for a luxurious appearance, this texture features a twisted fiber that is soft, elegant, and stands up straight, though not as tall as a frieze. Loops are sheared, woven densely, and then tightly packed for a structure that works well in various spaces.

Cut-Pile carpet

Cut-pile is a term used to describe how carpet yarn loops are cut, providing an upright and luxurious pile that is more formal than the common loop-pile. Different lengths and thicknesses are available, and they are usually made of nylon, with some polyester and wool options.

When considering your texture options, be sure to ask for more information on face weight, twist, and density, as some textures offer a variety of benefits and appeal. The one that best fits your needs is here; we have to help you find it.

Choosing a carpet store in Calgary

If you haven?t chosen a carpet store in Calgary, we invite you to consider Westvalley Carpet & Flooring. We offer premium materials and services, combined with associates dedicated to your complete satisfaction with your flooring experience.

We have three showrooms in North Calgary, South Calgary, and Westvalley Central (Calgary, AB), and from there, we serve the Greater Calgary and Alberta areas. Feel free to stop by at your convenience to find out how we can get your carpet installation project underway right away.