Carpet flooring from Westvalley Carpet & Flooring in Calgary, AB Canada

Carpet: a warm flooring for those long Calgary cold seasons

We don?t need to tell any Calgary resident that it can even snow as late as June and as early as September.

The great thing about carpet is this flooring is a great insulator. An uninsulated floor can make a chilly room feel even colder. Carpet doesn?t use as much energy to keep a room heated (or cooled); that not only makes the room feel warmer, but it can also help reduce energy bills.

Beautiful Calgary homes

Ever hear the designer phrase, ?Design from the floor up?? That?s because the floors set the atmosphere for an entire room.

Carpet is often the #one popular choice of homeowners, completely modern and up-to-date with a large assortment. There?s virtually something for everyone.

Technology has given us digital patterning, so designs are more vibrant and not prone to fading. Color palettes are expanded and there?s a fairly new fiber called Triexta.

Triexta is super strong (in fact, it was developed by DuPont, the people who created nylon)? with the permanent stain resistance built right into the thread.

When you go into any flooring store, whether in Calgary or elsewhere, be sure to give as many details as possible about your style, needs, and desires so you can be guided to finding the right carpet for you.

The function is important too

Carpet isn?t just beautiful.? It also:

  • Insulates from noise.? It absorbs sound so you won't hear beeps, footsteps, muffled conversations, etc.? Sometimes a hard surface can be a little noisy and squeaky; there?s nothing to absorb the vibrations, so they just bounce off the walls and create echoes.? Layering is a big trend this year, and many people will place a scatter rug over hard surfaces.
  • Improves indoor air quality.? Despite what some may think, you can have rugs if you have allergies or asthma.? Vacuuming eliminates surface dirt and any other particle gets trapped into fibers where they remain until deep cleaning.? That means they don?t fly around in the air!
  • Provides safety.? It provides good traction meaning that kids and pets can run without worry of not being able to stop or slow down.? If you do fall, it?s a lot nicer on a soft surface than a hard one.

For more information, come into Westvalley Carpet & Flooring in Calgary AB Canada.? Ask about our estimates.