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Can I wax my laminate floors?

As one of the leading experts for laminate floors in Calgary, our showroom professionals at Westvalley Carpet & Floors get a lot of different questions about our hard surfacing options. One such question pertains to laminate plank upkeep, specifically in terms of waxing. While you would normally wax your hardwood installation, the same is not true for laminate. Indeed, both plank options are created with wood ? however, upkeep for both is vastly different. Right now, let?s go over one of our frequently asked questions: can I wax my laminate floors?

Wax: good for hardwood, bad for laminate

Wax is typically used on hardwood planks to make them shine and appear more attractive. On the other hand, when it comes to laminate, you don't get the same results. Rather, it does the exact opposite, creating a waxy buildup that adheres to dust and dirt. Instead of getting a glossy, stunning installation, you're left with a dull, cloudy looking floor that just plain looks bad.

No wax? Then what should I use?

To clean your laminate flooring in Calgary, it's best to use manufacturer-approved cleaning agents. Otherwise, you can also use a gentle mix of water and vinegar. It's a very simple solution you can make yourself at home, using 1 gallon of warm water and 1 cup of white vinegar. However, if you're opting for a store-bought cleaning product, be very cautious of what you select. Make sure to read the product label thoroughly to ensure it doesn't have any wax as an ingredient in it. Some companies that mass manufacture cleaning agents aren't properly versed on what's best for laminate. And, unfortunately, because of this, they add chemicals and other additions that do more harm than good.

Where can I get a good cleaning product?

If you?d prefer to skip the homemade cleaning products but don?t know where to go to get a good, laminate-safe agent, then your best bet is to go to a local laminate flooring store. You?ll be able to get sound, professional advice about what products to use, and in some cases, you can even buy the cleaning agents on-site.

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