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Calgarians need pet-friendly surfaces: Enter luxury vinyl flooring

When you need the best luxury vinyl flooring, you'll find there are plenty of choices to help you create the perfect surface. Meet your needs for visual appeal, performance, and lifespan with just a few key components that you'll quickly find.

If you're new to floor shopping, you're not alone. We'd love to help, so here are some facts about this flooring line that can help you find great products.

What makes a surface pet-friendly?

You'll need some crucial attributes to create a surface that caters to a pet-friendly environment. For instance, scratch and stain resistance are vital and easily found in luxury vinyl plank flooring.

These floors offer a wear layer and protective topcoat that you can customize for specific performance based on your needs. The thicker these layers are, the more protection they provide against pet nails and daily wear.

Extended pet-friendly floor coverings

Another feature that works well in a home with pets is complete waterproof flooring protection. While it's not entirely necessary, it does give you the great peace of mind you need against water damage.

Vinyl is completely waterproof, but these floors feature additional core components that make them waterproof through and through. We'll discuss LVP flooring core materials made of wood and stone plastic composite (WPC and SPC), ensuring your complete protection.

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