Raised grain texture laminate flooring in a Calgary, AB home

Are textures trending in laminate flooring?

Laminate is a go-to floor covering for many Calgary families who want extensive benefit diversity and change their flooring covering every decade. In today's post, we will speak specifically about available texture trends and what they can do in your home, so read along with us for more information now.

Laminate textures are abundant and useful

The glass-slick, high-gloss texture is classic and stunning to see, but it's only a good option for homes with little in-house traffic because it shows scratches easier than others. But the good news is there are plenty of texture options for your busy home, and you can take advantage of the one that fits your needs best.

Hand scraped and wire brushed options offer the appearance of personalization and attention to detail, with grooves and lines that can accentuate grain patterns for a fantastic result. Distressed and vintage pieces give the impression of decades of wear, as you would find in historic homes where the solid wood has been refinished several times.

Each texture has a look all its own. When you?re ready to see them in person, be sure to visit our showroom at your convenience.

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