It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping for flooring in Calgary or throughout Canada; everyone loves wood floors. They add richness, warmth, and charm to any home and are versatile enough to work with any decor style. They last for decades and add value to your property.

Wood floors, in general, are trending right now, and that’s not expected to end anytime soon. Some experts predict it will go on for over 15 years. Wood floors are so popular, there's even wood-look flooring, such as luxury vinyl or laminate. Another version of hardwood is taking the wood flooring industry by storm: engineered hardwood floors. There’s a small amount of manufacturing that improves on Mother Nature’s version to bring it more in line with today’s need for stability and water resistance.

Wood color trends

Gray, gray blends, whitewashed and light floors are all the rage right now. People also like the extremes of dark and light, together with high variation planks. Combine dark and light woods for a dramatic and sophisticated contrast. Whitewashed floors give that "beach-cottage" look that’s so popular right now. Blond wood can give you a lightness and airiness while remaining timeless, and it’s a bit easier to work with because it easily fits into any decor.

White oak is said by some to change the interior design, and that is because it has a subtle and smooth grain with small rings. That makes it perfect for various textures including Footworn and Timeworn, giving it a sense of heritage and, by the way, textures are very, very big this year.

Hardwood plank size

Right now, wider planks are trending. They are more traditional and, because of the size, they can display knots and grains a little better. They’re great in larger rooms, but a smaller one might do a little better with a narrow plank.

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