Luxury vinyl is scratch, dent, and stain-resistant. Waterproof brands have an SPC or WPC core. Some top manufacturers also use a unique waterproof core material made of innovative, high tech components. This flooring is not damaged by prolonged exposure to water, and lifespan is not affected. Westvalley Carpet & Flooring offers flooring in Calgary, Alberta, including luxury vinyl planks and tiles. Our showrooms are located in North Calgary, South Calgary, and Westvalley Central. For added convenience, we provide a shop at home service.


Luxury vinyl planks feature hardwood's digital image, while tiles usually have a hardwood or stone look. Most of these multi-layer planks and tiles have an SPC or WPC core that is 100% waterproof. A stone plastic composite core comprises limestone, while a wood-plastic composite core contains wood byproducts. WPC is soft underfoot. In contrast, SPC is a rigid core, so flooring feels more like the material it mimics. While WPC flooring is durable and high quality, SPC is virtually indestructible.

Waterproof laminate flooring

Like luxury vinyl, laminate flooring imitates hardwood and tile materials. Standard laminate planks and tiles resist water while waterproof laminate flooring repels water. But waterproof laminate cannot stand up to water or moisture for an extended period like vinyl. After the time noted in the manufacturer's guidelines, typically about one day, the laminate can become damaged if it remains wet. With laminate, it's best to clean up the liquid as soon as possible.

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