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How do I choose kid-friendly flooring?

When you have children, shopping for flooring in Calgary can be tricky. But it doesn?t have to be.

You can combine beauty and strength with striking results. Floors can look great and stand up to child's play too. Read along to learn more.?

Kid-friendly durability

Many flooring types offer qualities that we can define as kid-friendly. Natural stone and tile are incredibly durable and hold up well under heavy activity.

For added protection for other surfaces, consider adding runners or area rugs. These surfaces prevent direct contact with the surface of your flooring.

Waterproof protection

Luxury vinyl
and laminate both offer waterproof protection and wear resistance. They're also easy to install and maintain, with lifespans that can reach 20 years or more.

Tile is another waterproof choice that requires a more precise installation. However, the results can last more than 50 years once in place.

A softness that kids will love

Carpet is the only soft surface floor covering. That means it offers softness and comfort that no other material can mimic.

These surfaces retain heat, stifle the noise, and offer a more stable surface for toddlers and crawlers. When only the highest level of comfort will do, carpeting is perfect. Stop by our flooring store today to learn more.?

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