Luxury Vinyl Flooring | Calgary AB Canada

Why Calgary homeowners love luxury vinyl plank

Calgary weather can be pretty severe, with long, snowy winters, as well as high winds all year round.

That means if you?re shopping for flooring in Calgary, you might long for hardwood floors, but also be worried about water damage. As we all know, solid hardwood can be damaged by excess water and, although engineered hardwood handles water better, it still isn't waterproof.

Luxury vinyl flooring
(LVF) is waterproof and can be cut into plank or tile-sized pieces.

What is it?

It?s a form of LVF, where the vinyl is cut into strips and mounted on boards to mimic a plank. It comes in many species, colors and patterns and, thanks to high definition photography, you can see every knot, raised grain and swirl on the image. There is also embossing which will make the floor look wire-brushed, hand-scraped, distressed or antiqued.

It is available in matte or glossy finishes.

It offers an atmosphere of luxury, but is by no means expensive; in fact, you will pay much less than you would for real wood.

Benefits include

?Style. It has a high-end look so we?re seeing vinyl plank in some of the more expensive homes. It?s also in every room in the house, from the living and dining rooms to the bedroom.
?Waterproof and durable. Water cannot penetrate and, although all vinyl is strong, you can get it with different cores that offer increased levels of protection and makes it thicker.
?Protection. Sometimes someone will want a little extra protection, such as if the family is large or there are pets.

Besides the traditional composite core, ask about WPC (wood plastic composite) and SPC (stone plastic composite.)

?Easy to maintain. It only takes a daily sweep, and, for a more thorough cleaning, a mop dampened with water and a manufacturer-approved cleaner. That?s the luxury of time.
?Fast and easy installation. This is one that you can DIY. With a few exceptions, it ?floats? over most floors and it can either be glued down or clicked.

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