Calgary homeowner cleaning vinyl flooring

What is the best way to clean vinyl flooring?

We love vinyl floors for many reasons, including the beautiful aesthetics, countless functional capabilities, and, of course, the low maintenance. Whether luxury vinyl, standard sheet, or waterproof vinyl floors, all they need is regular sweeping and periodic mopping. However, with the latter, be sure to use a manufacturer-approved cleaner; otherwise, you'll damage the floors and dull the shine.

Why regular sweeping is so important
It?s easy to track in dirt, sand, moisture; even little stones can embed in the soles of your shoes, release, and then and then scratch the surface.

If you prefer to vacuum, be sure to turn off beater bars (rotating brushes). They can be pretty rough and could damage your gorgeous floors. How often to do it depends on your circumstances; it should be at least several times a week, but you might want to do it more often if you have kids or pets.

And your cleaning schedule includes mopping
As for how often, that depends on you. If you have large, active families with kids and pets, you may want to do it more often.?

  1. Always mop with a soft cloth, and don't use steel wool pads to scrub tough stains.
  2. Lift, don?t slide, light furniture as it can create scratches. If the furniture is too heavy to lift, use protective furniture pads.
  3. Wipe spills immediately. Yes, we already said that, but especially if you have luxury vinyl plank flooring, called LVP or luxury vinyl tile, called LVT, there are seams where water might seep. In that same vein, dampen the mop and don't saturate it with water.
  4. Avoid waxy, shine-promoting cleaners because they can have the opposite effect you're looking for. They'll damage the urethane finish and dull the floor.
  5. Pay close attention to the manufacturer?s instructions. There?s a reason they say what they do!
  6. Always seek the advice of flooring experts if you have questions.

Luxury vinyl flooring can transform a home, and we want you to keep it looking beautiful. So come into the Westvalley Carpet & Flooring showroom in Calgary AB & Westvalley to talk to us and get a free quote. We service South Calgary, North Calgary, and Greater Calgary.