Million Dollar Homes in Calgary Not Always What You Think They Are

In the past, if a person had a million dollars to spend on a home, he or she could buy a LOT of home for that money. Not so much today. In fact, just because a Calgary home has a big price attached to it does not mean that the new buyer will be getting a big house. In a recent story, we learned a bit more about how much house a cool million can actually buy these days.

?Choose where you want to call home. With $1 million, you can invest in your perfect property, in whichever Canadian province your heart desires. What that home looks like, however, will vary greatly, depending on where you look. Here?s what?s on the market for $1 million this week. Calgary, Alberta: There are only 24 homes in the exclusive Sussex Green community in Calgary?s Strathcona Park.?

Source: What" class="redactor-linkify-object"> a $1 million home looks like in Canada this week by Summer Fanous.

Of those homes, only one is going for $1 million, and while it is certainly nice, it is not a mansion. Chances are your home is not a mansion either, but you can add value to it with ease with new flooring. Calgary homeowners have known this for ages?new flooring means added market resale value.

When it comes to new flooring, Calgary homeowners and business owners have long known that installing floors such as hardwood, carpet, or tile can add additional value to the home, and that this increase in value is immediate.

When it comes to new flooring, Calgary homeowners and business owners also know that new flooring is one of the more affordable ways to add more value to their homes. New flooring is much less expensive than, say, remodeling a kitchen or bathroom. Yet, with new flooring, Calgary homeowners can change the entire look of any room, which, frankly, is often the main reason for remodeling in the first place.

What this means is that for less money than remodeling, homeowners can get a brand new look in any room in the home by simply bringing in new flooring. Whether that new flooring is hardwood, carpet, tile, or luxury vinyl is up to the homeowner. They all add value to your Calgary property.

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