Getting Down On All Floors

It?s safe to say that when we acquire a new home, we see areas that we want to improve and leave our mark on the overall design of the dwelling. Most times we think about window treatments and cabinetry, or even about painting the walls and buying new furniture. These are all very dramatic ways to change an area within the home, but there is another way that the home can be changed subtly: Flooring! In your Calgary home, your flooring is the one area that you see every day, but think about the least as a design element.

Flooring in a Calgary home is usually understated and functional. There is nothing wrong with that, but flooring can add so much more to a room through the use of colors and patterns. Imagine that you have a bedroom where the carpet has been stained over the years of use it has endured, and must be replaced. Instead of having the carpet replaced with a solid color carpet roll that is installed traditionally, try using carpet tiles in different colors to create an exciting floor that accentuates the decor of the room, while creating a quilted feel to the floor itself.

How about the hardwood flooring you may have in the living room that is scratched and stained? Refinishing the hardwood flooring in your Calgary home may be the way to go. You can have the old finish removed and a new finish applied that is either a copy of the old finish or a completely new look. Replacing broken ceramic tile in the bathroom can make the most utilitarian room in the house become something warm and inviting.

It isn?t the obvious choice for design changes in the home, but the flooring can be as dramatic or subtle as you want it to be. At West Valley Carpet & Flooring, we have a wide selection of flooring for your Calgary home. Come see us at our Calgary showroom where we have the professionals on hand to help guide you through the process of choosing the flooring that?s right for you.