Can luxury vinyl be steam cleaned?

Can luxury vinyl be steam cleaned?

We do not recommend that you steam clean luxury vinyl tile and plank, and manufacturers of these materials will agree. However, today's post will briefly explain why and what you can do instead of having clean floors for as long as your surfaces are in place.

Luxury vinyl plank and tile are perfect for any room

Luxury vinyl plank and tile are easy to clean and usually would not require cleaning as rigorous as steam cleaning. While the materials are entirely waterproof, the heat from the steam cleaning process can be detrimental to vinyl, causing many problems that your warranty likely will not cover.

Instead, there are plenty of commercial cleaners available on the market today that will do a fine job of keeping your floors marvelously clean. You may even have some items in your pantry that could help keep these surfaces looking their best as well, and we can give you more information when you visit our showroom.

When you need a spectacular floor cleaning, be sure to visit us any time. We look forward to helping you achieve the best results for your flooring in every room.

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