Calgary Home Contractor Facing Serious Legal Issues

When it comes to home improvements of all types, including flooring, Calgary residents must be watchful for all types of scams and cons. Even though law enforcement is getting better at tracking down these criminals, they, the con artists, still pose a threat to honest Canadians.

In a story recently posted in the Calgary Herald, yet another person is charged with allegedly scamming homeowners out of their money.

?Service Alberta launched an investigation a year ago after receiving complaints from 27 individuals alleging Hopkins collected large sums of money for unfinished renovations or projects that were never started, before the bankruptcy of his Calgary-based home renovation companies. Twenty-two of those complaints resulted in regulatory charges, including operating without a prepaid contractor license, misleading consumers, and failing to provide refunds. Service Alberta says the financial losses from those complainants amount to around $5 million.?

Source: Contractor" class="redactor-linkify-object"> and former home reno TV star prepared to fight 180 Fair Trading Act charges by Clara Ho.

If found guilty, Mr. Hopkins could be facing up to two years in jail or a significant financial penalty.

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