Bank of Canada Warns Housing Price Surge May Cause Problems

It may seem as if certain sectors in the Canadian economy cannot catch a break. This appears to be the case with a new warning that recently came out from the Bank of Canada. While this housing news does not apply to all homeowners, or to everyone who is thinking of buying a home, it does apply to enough people that it needs to be reported. A part of the story reads:

?In its latest assessment of Canada's financial health, the central bank takes aim at the housing sector, saying that vulnerabilities due to the continued rise of household debt and greater imbalances in regional housing markets are higher than they were six months ago. The Bank of Canada delivered a warning Thursday that surging housing prices in the hot markets of Vancouver and Toronto are rising at an unsustainable clip.?

Source: Bank" class="redactor-linkify-object"> of Canada warns again on bubbly property market by Fel?cio Luz.

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