Pet friendly flooring in a Calgary, AB home

Where can I get the best pet-friendly flooring in Calgary?

Come to Westvalley Carpet & Flooring in Calgary for standard sheet or luxury vinyl or waterproof flooring.

These three are generally the best options for homes with pets.

Flooring for you and your pet, Calgary, AB style

There's no limit to design options for any of these versions. They come in an assortment of patterns, designs, and colors, even including wood, tile and stone looks. Embossing features give the floor depth and dimension; textures are very big this year, so you can get appearances such as wire-brushed, hand scraped, weathered, and distressed.

While standard vinyl comes in sheets, luxury and waterproof can be cut into planks or groutable tile-sized pieces, with various finishes available.

They all have a high-end look, but there's also no sacrifice of durability, easy maintenance, uncomplicated installation of waterproof/ water-resistant capabilities. The flooring is also warm, soft and has excellent traction, meaning that if the pet runs, he or she can stop or slow down when necessary.

What?s the difference between vinyl and luxury vinyl?

Standard sheet (also called resilient, because of its flexible, "bouncy" quality) was the first one introduced decades ago. At that time it was lauded for durability, easy-care, and high resistance to water, but design options were somewhat limited.

Technology has changed all that and, today, standard sheet vinyl comes in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and designs.

Then, another version, luxury vinyl came on the scene in the mid-2000s with a thicker, even more, durable vinyl, completely waterproof, and with an almost unlimited number of design options.

Another version is waterproof flooring, a luxury vinyl flooring with a technologically advanced core that gives an even higher and longer time of water and moisture protection. These cores, WPC (wood plastic composite) and SPC (stone plastic composite) won't peel or ripple ever, no matter how much water it's exposed to.

What?s the difference between waterproof and water-resistant?

One means completely impervious to water, while the other means that it?s often almost waterproof, but with still the possibility of water penetration.

Whichever you decide will depend upon your pet and whether there are often toppled water dishes or accidents. It will also depend upon whether humans are prone to spilling!

For more information, come into the Westvalley Carpet & Flooring showroom in North Calgary, South Calgary, or Westvalley Central (Calgary, AB), serving the Greater Calgary, Alberta area.