Gorgeous tile flooring installation in an Alberta home

How to find the right tile flooring

The right tile flooring can enhance any remodeling project and adds value to a property. When you walk into our Calgary tile stores, you?ll be amazed at the variety of colors, styles, designs, shapes, and sizes, but it's essential to get the right ones for your installation. Every type of tile is graded as to whether it can be used on walls or floors, indoors or outdoors, and at various foot traffic levels. Be sure to tell us how you plan to use it.

They all have different characteristics

Ceramic is an umbrella term that refers to anything made of various types of clay and might include other substances in the composition; for example, porcelain is a type of ceramic made of an utterly nonporous clay called kaolin and fired at higher temperatures. It also includes sand and glass in its structure, resulting in a heavier, denser product that?s ideal for tile flooring in busy, increased foot traffic rooms, like the kitchen or bath. It?s also able to stand up to any weather conditions, including freeze-thaw cycles.

There's more than square?tiles

While the 4 X 4 squares and the 3 X 6 rectangles are the most common, they also come in round, oval, brick, and pebble-like shapes, and more. The 4 X 4 squares are hard when glazed, highly designed, and used on moderately busy areas, such as hallways. Terracotta bricks are durable and can be used outside, but they are also porous, so that they will need regular sealing. Mosaics are tiny, glass-coated ceramics and are often used as accents on indoor walls and floors. Subway tiles, the formerly all-white 3 X 6 rectangles usually seen on backsplashes, should be used only indoors on low traffic floors.

Your Calgary tile experts

When shopping for tile flooring, keep in mind that our customer service can?t be beaten. It?s essential to have someone take the time to discuss different tiles, so you walk away with the best for your installation! Our free in-home design consultation will also help you sort it all out. We service the Greater Calgary, Alberta area with showrooms in North Calgary, South Calgary, Westvalley Central (Calgary, AB).