Carpet styles vary from plush and luxurious to tough and functional. Therefore, some styles are best for basements while others are just right for formal living rooms. Choose a high-quality one that is most appropriate for the room, and you've got a perfect choice. Westvalley Carpet & Flooring has a large assortment of styles at our three carpet stores in Calgary, Alberta.


When making a purchasing decision, think about the function of the room and who will use that room as well as how the flooring looks. The amount of foot traffic is a key consideration. One type may last for many years in a spare bedroom may not be durable enough for a family den. Keep in mind that the toughest product on the market is designed for pet owners as well as active households. Mohawk SmartStrand is pet-friendly. The type of fiber and pile determine durability.

Carpet Fibers

Nylon is the most popular fiber. Because of factory treatments, this durable fiber resists stains. And it bounces back to its original form after heavy electronics or furniture are removed. Triexta is inherently stain resistant. Both fibers are appropriate for heavy traffic areas. So is an olefin, which resists moisture. More costly wool, the top of the line natural fiber, is ideal for bedrooms as is acrylic, which mimics wool. Polyester is stain-resistant but not crush-resistant.

Carpet Pile and TPI

Fiber loops are sewn onto a backing to create the broadloom. Pile, or fiber thickness and length of the individual fibers, defines the different styles. If you want the most durable type of carpet, choose a brand with a short loop pile. When the loops are cut at the tips, fibers are twisted or turned, to increase durability. Top-quality cut pile styles have a TPI, or turns per inch, the number ranges from 4.5 to 6.0. Popular Saxony is the traditional cut-pile carpet style.

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