Calgary Home Sales Slow To a Crawl, But There is Hope

Many of those in Calgary who are trying to sell their homes may have noticed the slowness of the market. This is not just the seller?s imagination. In fact, the problem has gotten so acute that the Calgary Real Estate Board is beginning to take action. A recent story brought some light to this situation:

?Existing home sales continue to stall in the oilpatch, prompting a request from the Calgary Real Estate Board for sellers to compromise on pricing. On Tuesday, CREB reported there were 1,127 units sold in the city in February, a 6.63 per cent drop from a year ago and 37 per cent below the long-term average for the month. The slow market is leading sellers to lower prices...?

Source: Calgary" class="redactor-linkify-object"> home sellers starting to lower asking prices as sales stall in worst downturn in years by Staff.

When the market slows like this, many homeowners will opt to put money into their homes for two main reasons: The first is that investing in the home makes the home worth more in real dollars; the second reason is that many homeowners will decide to improve their home and stay in it, rather than trying to sell in a slow market.

A very good way to invest in the home is with new flooring. Calgary homeowners have known for a long time that when it comes to new flooring, Calgary homes increase in value. Also, when it comes to new flooring, Calgary homeowners save money when this improvement is compared to other types of home renovations.

For those who may decide to take their home off the market while prices are low, new flooring in Calgary homes is something that can be enjoyed by the family for years to come. This means that new flooring Calgary homeowners invest in is something that brings enjoyment to the home immediately and can be enjoyed whether the home is sold or not.

If you would like to learn more about new flooring Calgary homes can benefit from, visit us at Westvalley Carpet & Flooring. We can answer any questions that homeowners may have about new flooring systems, including questions about installation. We believe that even a slow, cold housing market does not have to be bad news. Use this lull as an opportunity to invest in your home for today and for tomorrow.