Throughout centuries of popularity, hardwood flooring has grown to be a timeless classic. As a highly versatile material, it’s a flooring element that never goes out of style. But aside from offering a unique, lovely appearance, hardwood flooring Calgary is also an excellent way to add value to a home. It’s a durable, transformative surfacing that can completely alter any space, adding warmth and elegance with an eco-friendly alternative. Not sure of hardwood flooring in Calgary is right for your room? Let’s go over some of the reasons this hard surfacing is still one of the hottest styles right now.

Modest minimalism – that’s also high lux

When interior designers run short of ideas, their failsafe is always the same: go back to basics. In this instance, going back to basics means going back to simple, modest materials like hardwood. While you can view wood as basic, it's also anything but – offering high lux minimalism that's truly unbeatable. With sleek, traditional lines and elegant simplicity, its aesthetics are really and truly timeless.

Dark wood tone trends

More recently, the trending tones have become darker and darker. But honestly, it’s easy to understand why this is the case, as the darker tones offer an expansive, luxurious, elegant feel. Furthermore, darker options are often easier to work with design-wise, capable of blending with anything from light kitchen cupboards to furniture with dark upholstery.

California whitewashed vibes

California started it all with the whitewashed beachy vibe. Now, it's a trending look that many homeowners want to recreate – even in Calgary. To get this easy-breezy style, planks are blanched or bleached to remove the natural color of the wood. It's a style that offers up a homey appeal, creating a vast sense of openness and brightness, and is perfect for rooms like the living area or the kitchen.

Aged/distressed appearance

There’s been a huge surge in the aged/distressed appearance recently. To create this look, planks undergo an artificial aging process to get that ‘slightly worn’ appearance. If you prefer the aesthetics of the rustic style, along with the warmth and cozy feeling that comes with it, then this would be an ideal choice for hardwood flooring in Calgary.

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